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Here is the latest news and information about Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa.

All of Wayne's music is now available at AirPlay Direct

I have just finished up a new gospel CD with my friend Mickey Basil. It was recorded in Charlotte, NC at the legendary Studio East. The CD features Mickey on piano/Hammond C3 organ, and I'm playing guitar and singing. Contact me if your are interested, or visit Liner notes written by Kathy Lee Gifford.


I'm sorry to announce my good friend and band mate Kip Martin passed away this morning. He suffered from liver disease, R.I.P. my old friend.


The new CD released on 11/28/12 by Wayne Taylor and Friend includes members of WTA, a couple of former Navy band mates, Don Rigsby, Missy Armstrong, and Chris Sexton. It is a Christmas Celebration through song. Availaable on, our website, and many digital vendors.


Emory Lester who plays mandolin with WTA will be on The David Letterman Show on 24 September playing a duet with Clawgrass banjo man Mark Johnson. Mark is the latest recipient of the Steve Martin Award for Banjo Excellence. A 50K prize will be given to Mark.


Famed banjo man Mike Scott will join us for our European tour in July 2012. Mike has played with many great bluegrass groups, including Jim and Jesse MeReynolds, Ronnie Reno and many others. One of the highlights will be playing in Norway at the Festival with Vince Gill and Bobby Bare. We are also excited to play a great festival in Scotland called the Guildtown Festival. Put on by the Scottish Bluegrass Association and Mr. John Sheldon

Location: Europe


Boy, I gotta tell you. We somehow lucked into being on the invite list for these concerts. This past Saturday night we saw Wayne Taylor and his small band in the same beauty of a house on the intracoastal in West Palm Beach. The east facing picture window framed the rising full (slightly past) moon beautifully. The music was excellent. These guys had it together. All dressed in black suits that were as taylored as their harmonies and unbelievable breaks. Emory Lester on Mandolin burnt it up. Lots of whooping and "yeahs!" all through their performance. With only about 25 or 30 folks there, we all got to talk with the band members as much as we wanted to. Great guys, great musicians and great music. Man, what a night! I also got to check out Wayne's 53 D-18. Not real loud but SWEET!! Those guys knew what they were doing and they took care of business. Next month it's the Boxcars. I'm psyched!


Wayne just conducted an interview with Kyle Cantrell Monday the 31st. The show will debut March 30th at 11am on Bluegrass Junction (Sirius 65 / XM 14). It will encore March 31st at 9pm, Saturday April 1st at 8am and Sunday April 2nd at 11am. Fans who are not yet Sirius XM Subscribers can sign up for a free trial listen online at



For immediate release: Banjo wizard, Mark Delaney will once again play banjo for WT&A. Mark was the band's original banjo player. His first job will be at the 7th annual bluegrass festival in Palatka, Florida, Feb. 2011.


I sent the CD master to National Media Services for duplication today. Hopefully our second CD will be out in a couple weeks. We're likin' it. I hope you will too.


It looks like we'll be touring Scotland again. We will be there 7-10 days, starting July 29, 2011.










recording Sharpsburg, MD


Going to check out a new studio on Wed. We will start recording the new CD in July, we hope..


Watching my friend, Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine on Versus. Hank can catch a fish, that's for sure.


Just returned from a great weekend at Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival in Preston, CT. Photos will be posted soon.


The trip to Holland was a big success. We met many good people, made some new friends, ate some incredible food, and got to introduce our music to hundreds of new bluegrass fans. Thank you Pieter and Liz for all your help, and a big thank you to Cor, who was a great host. Photos will be posted on the web site soon.


The Direct Buzz - Wayne is #9 on the Global Radio Charts for April 2010. Check it out here.


Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa were accepted to showcase on the stage at International Bluegrass Music Association in Nashville, TN. All you Maiden, NC bluegrass lovers come out and support us, either 27,28 or 29 Sept, 2010.



New Bass Man - Kene Hyatt, welcome aboard. We'll have our first rehearsal this month.

Location: MD


The Scotland, England tour was a trememdous success. We had a blast meeting and playing bluegrass to some very friendly and hospitable bluegrass fans. I'm ready to go back again.

Location: United Kingdom


The festival in Cherryville was great! We performed two shows to an enthusiastic crowd and saw many friends from long ago. Can't wait to get back and play in NC again. Thanks to John and Linda Hunsucker, and Dennis Jones for your friendship and hospitality, ya'll do it up right! Photos will be posted soon.


Huck Finn Bluegrass Jamboree was rockin'. We loved our first visit to California with the new band. Looking forward to the next time.



View the press release for the new CD Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa!


The newest CD from Wayne and the band is out! It will be on the web site soon.


The band has three original songs on the web site. They will appear on their upcoming CD, to be released next year.


Wayne and the band will be off to Scotland in Sept. 2009


Wayne will be in the the Sirus/XM Studio in Nashville, with Kyle Cantrell Wed. at 1100. Kyle will play all the tracks from the CD and talk things over with Wayne, be sure to listen in.

Location: Sirius/XM Channel 14


Dirt Roads (a song co-written by David Parker and Wayne) scored #4 in the latest Prime Cuts CD, vol. 99.

Location: Prime Cuts of Bluegrass


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