Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa
Out In The Middle Of Nowhere
1. Out In The Middle Of Nowhere
2. Southern Rail Road Line
3. Ole Slew Foot
4. It's My Home
5. Could It Be Goodbye
6. The Wages Of Sin
7. Secret Of The Waterfall
8. I Want You
9. Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me
10. When You Were Mine
11. Cabin In The Sky
12. Is It Too Late Now
13. Why Don't You Tell Me So

"Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa's new CD is making waves on Airplay Direct. They claimed the number one slot on the APD charts the second day it was released. A diverse compilation including songs from Traditional Bluegrass, five tunes penned by Wayne, a couple David Parker songs, and a superb rendition of a Bob Dylan classic.

Musicians include: Wayne Taylor - lead and backup vocals and guitar, Emory Lester - mandolin, Kene Hyatt - bass, Lee Marcus - Banjo.

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