Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa
It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Day
  1. She Put Tears In My Eyes
  2. The Hills Of Tennessee
  3. Two Kindred Hearts
  4. Let It Go
  5. Mash Your Finger
  6. The Pain
  7. It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Day
  8. Ole Paint
  9. Cry Lonesome Dove
  10. Caroline
  11. Lay My Body Down
  12. Terra's Wedding Song
  13. Sing Me To Memphis
  14. A Time To Fly

The newest collection of original songs from Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa! All songs are written by Wayne except for one David Parker original.

Musicians include: Wayne Taylor - guitar, lead vocal; Emory Lester - fiddle, low violin, piano, mandolin, guitar, vocals; Kene Hyatt - bass; Mark Delaney - banjo; Melissa Keech-Armstrong - vocals (appears courtesy Detour Bluegrass)

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